Past Puppies
Past Puppy Page: Puppies which we raised.
PAST PUPPIES: This page features past puppies in which Carol's Corgis has
raised and sold to loving families across the country.  On a regular basis, we
receive pictures and updates from our clients who tell us about the exciting
adventures they are having with their new puppies.

If you have a picture to share and a story to tell, then please just email Carol at  All of our puppies are champion show quality and are all invited
to be featured on our web site.  
Name: Lucy
Litter: Summer 2006
Location: California

Dear Carol,

mischief.  Whenever it is quiet we all
wonder what she is up to. She is the
most curious little thing.

This day (See Picture Left) she
discovered the toilet paper roll and
pulled and pulled and pulled.  When
we found her she had unrolled quite a
bit and was very into the game.  

She certainly keeps us on our toes
and we love it!