Past Puppies
Past Puppy Page: Puppies which we raised.
PAST PUPPIES: This page features past puppies in which Carol's Corgis has
raised and sold to loving families across the country.  On a regular basis, we
receive pictures and updates from our clients who tell us about the exciting
adventures they are having with their new puppies.

If you have a picture to share and a story to tell, then please just email Carol at  All of our puppies are champion show quality and are all invited
to be featured on our web site.  
Name: Piper
Litter: Summer 2006
Location: Missouri

Dear Carol,

I just wanted to say hello and let you
know how Piper is doing.  Piper is
such a doll.  I have to say, Piper and I
go really well together.

She went to Grandma and Grandpa's
for a week to visit and I did not know
what to do without her.  Piper is my

She has such a personality!  She is
quite the talker and has a curious little
mind.  Piper is my comic relief and she
is always good for entertainment.

I hope things are well with you.  I will
keep you updated.  Piper is getting so


Christina Thomas