Past Puppies
Past Puppy Page: Puppies which we raised.
PAST PUPPIES: This page features past puppies in which Carol's Corgis has
raised and sold to loving families across the country.  On a regular basis, we
receive pictures and updates from our clients who tell us about the exciting
adventures they are having with their new puppies.

If you have a picture to share and a story to tell, then please just email Carol at  All of our puppies are champion show quality and are all invited
to be featured on our web site.  
Name: Roper
Litter: Winter 2006
Location: Oklahoma

Dear Carol,

Hello Carol,  I have been showing
Roper in some of the AKC B matches
because he isn't old enough for the
real show but he is doing very well.  

He received 1st in class, Best of
Breed and 2nd in herding group.  And
when he turns 6 months we are going
to start the real shows.  

I was wondering if you have any
females left in this litter that would be
show quality for a show companion for
Roper.  If we are going we may as well
be showing more than one.  And if
these are all taken do you know of
any other breeder that would have a
female of any color that is show

I love Roper.  He is my steadfast
companion and he trained so easily
for the show ring.  He is a natural.  Let
me know.  


Kathy Downing
Grove, OK