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About Our Carol's Corgis
Carol's Corgis is a privately owned home-business which
seeks to raise and produce fine quality Pembroke Welsh
Corgis.  We are not a "puppy mill".  Our speciality is to give
one-on-one attention to each puppy to help it adjust to a
warm and healthy lifestyle.  Bottom line, we want happy
dogs so families may enjoy them even more.

Carol Williams is the breeder and owner of Carol's Corgis.  

Carol's Corgis Online is now an award winning web site.  
We do not solicit web site awards, but are honored by the
many visitors who frequent our site.  Thank you to all of
those who enjoy our site's features including photos, past
puppy stories, news updates and video clips.

Please contact Carol Williams for questions or comments
about this site and for questions about her dogs.  If we are
not able to help you by purchasing one of our top quality
dogs, then we are pleased to refer buyers to other quality
breeders.  Our philosophy is that it is about finding loving
homes for dogs, and we are not motivated by profit.  We are
here to help.
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Fun Facts:

Corgis are becoming
more popular in the
United States and rank
22nd in American Kennel
Club registrations as of

Corgis seem to be loved
by the Queen of the
United Kingdom.  She
reportedly has 16 of
them. These dogs have
been a favored dog by
British royalty for more
than 70 years.

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credited to Perrine
Crampton (1997).  
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