Description of Pembroke Welsh Corigs
The Pembroke has a foxy, intelligent face with bright, merry eyes and a frequently smiling muzzle.
The ears are erect, with their points forming an equilateral triangle with the nose.

The body is relatively long (40% longer than its height at the shoulders), with short legs and little or
no tail. Colors are red, sable, fawn or tri-color (red-headed or black-headed). White collars are
acceptable, as are white feet and legs, chest, underparts and limited white on the head. The coat
is of medium length and of a double nature, with a thick undercoat covered by a topcoat. Also seen
(but considered incorrect by Pembroke breeders) are coats which are too long (fluffies), wiry and
kinky or overly short (also known as a flat coat).

The Pembroke's weight should be in proportion to its height. Height from ground to the highest
point of the shoulders should be 10 to 12 inches. Weight should be 27-30 pounds for a male and
25-28 pounds for a female. A correct Pembroke should not be so large-boned as to appear
coarse nor to have not enough bone and appear racy.

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