Grooming of Pembroke Welsh Corigs
Coat: The grooming needs of the breed are minimal, however major seasonal shedding may be a
drawback for people lacking the time to deal with it and should be a consideration when looking at
the breed. Regular brushing of the coat minimizes loose hairs and Corgi dust bunnies around the
house. The Pembroke blows coat (looses his/her undercoat and sometimes top coat) twice a
year, in the spring and again in the fall. The easiest way to deal with the shedding Pembroke is to
give him a warm bath and comb out the dead hair while the dog is wet and lathered. This should
be followed by daily brushing for up to 2 weeks. The exception to the above is the fluffy (excessively
long-coated) Pembroke. Fluffies need extra brushing on a regular basis (or periodic clip downs) in
order to keep their coat in shape. Since their hair is longer it will appear that they shed more. They
also need to have the hair on their buttocks trimmed to keep the area clean.

Nails and feet: Of course, like any other breed, regular nail trimming is important to stop the feet
from splaying. Hair around the pads is trimmed to help keep mud and snow from being tracked
into the house. The best practice is to trim the nails at least once a week. This will maintain the
short length and remind your (often times strong willed) Pembroke that trimming its nails is
nothing to panic about.

The best tools to use are guillotine-style nail clippers and a grinder. Since it is very easy to cut the
nail too short (cutting into the quick and causing the nail to bleed), many people prefer the grinder.
The grinder comes in two varieties - with or without a cord. This is the same type of grinder that
crafts people use for delicate sanding jobs and can be found in most any hardware or discount
department store. The two brands used by most breeders/serious exhibitors are Oster (found in
most pet supply catalogs) and Dremel (found in hardware stores).

Feet: Especially for showing, the hair on a Pembroke's paws will need to be trimmed. The best
way to do this is with the beard-trimming attachment on an electric razor. If you have to do it with
scissors, remember that the Pembroke's toes are webbed, and be careful to only cut the hair!

Ears: Ears should be kept free of any wax build up. A cotton ball with a little mineral oil or Listerine
is very effective.  

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